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Music is Personal as Well as Universal

This isn't about competition. Not about a TV show. Your life has many more layers, and the music of your life connects so many stories and memories. What if you could play, sing, share, record, with the support of a coach who can be your side partner as well as a helpful instructor? What if you could break past the plateau you feel you've been on for ages?  What if singing and playing could become a part of who you are, again? Or for the first time?

Vocal and Performance Coaching in North Hollywood 

Starting With Your Own Goals

Getting focused on your own can be difficult. Maybe it's a matter of confidence. Maybe time. Maybe you are just stuck. With the help of a musical coach, you can get back on track, whether you want to study guitar, piano, bass, banjo, ukelele or voice. Develop goals and a plan for a one year study. Give yourself this, and see where you can go!

Making A Commitment to The Music of Your Life

Maybe you are someone who gives and gives. This is great! But what about your creativity? You can watch others endlessly perform on television, maybe not realizing that you have our own voice, your own life, songs you have loved forever that you would like to play!  When do you want to begin making your own music?


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