About Feef

Making Music

Feef started playing piano and making up songs when she was 6 years old. When she was 12, she appropriated her mother's guitar. She's been playing and writing songs ever since.

What About You?

Feef believes everyone has music in them. Her dad was told that he was tone-deaf at the age of 9. So he never learned to sing or play an instrument, although he loves music!  Can't let this happen! You can play. You can sing. You can write. You can share your music. You need support, focus, structure, a safe place. And you need to commit to yourself. You have that right, to express through music what will not be expressed in any other way.

How Can We Do This?

1. Book online and take a guitar, piano or bass lesson.

2. Email me and we can talk about a longer term plan.

3. Come for a free consult (if you are interested in coaching, performing, putting together your music for life, songwriting, or recording)-- call or email and we can set something up.

4. Whatever it is, you deserve it, but remember that good things take time and investment. My job is to help you achieve your musical goals. Together, we CAN create a plan.

A couple of things

There are lots of great school and also recording studios. 

M4LC is small and private, with very few clients, as they get as much as I can give.

Making music will change your life in big ways. Give yourself time, and you will see!

Please Feel Free to Email Questions. We'll put together an FAQ here!