Guitars Etc

Acoustic Guitar

Folk, Country, Celtic styles, Blues. I teach finger-picking, also the use of the rest-stroke, a Classical technique. Lots of rhythms, strums, accompaniment patterns.


Scales, locations, riffs. Best way to learn bass is to study great bass lines in songs you love, from Bob Marley to Lou Reed to Talking Heads to Motown to Rolling Stones to Beatles...

Folk Banjo

Not the fast picking bluegrass banjo, but the old style Pete Seeger frailing banjo. And you can also buy a cheap 6-string guitar banjo (I recommend) to get started before you hit the 5-string!

Electric Guitar

I have been playing electric since Kurt Cobain, my guitar hero. We can really Bootcamp on this instrument. Scales for speed and power chords. Or we can get into great guitar solos. Or rhythm playing. I have a small amp in the studio, but you'll need one for your own place.  I am a Fender girl all the way, Tele and Strat!


Very portable, very cheap and very fun. I am thinking about hosting a ukelele class in the future. Or maybe we should put together a trip to Hawaii? A great way to start with stringed instruments.


Oscar Schmidt is my recommended autoharp. The most companionable portable wee guy. Very soothing to play, once you get the gist.


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