Jimmy Hutton


"I attended weekly sessions with Feef at her studio for a number of years. I found our times together to be inspiring, very productive, and Feef was instrumental in  helping me record and demo, a large body of my music. During that period one of my songs "Basket Case" was recorded by a local band called: The Andersons.  Feef arranged that session and also played and sang on the track. I was quite happy with the finished track, and in another hired studio session for myself  Feef was absolutely indispensable working on my behalf as producer, guitarist, and vocalist. 

She is an outstanding musician with years of experience as a performer, and one who's comfortable wearing many hats.

I was very happy working with Feef, and I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to further develop their musical ideas and take them to the next level. "

Marc Weiss

 Feef is a unique music teacher. She recognizes that each of her students is different, and changes her method accordingly. She adapts to the student, rather than asking the student adapt to her. The approach she used for me — a middle-ager who just wanted to learn to play and have fun — was very different from the way she teaches, say, young students who are considering making music professionally. She’s knowledgable and patient and compassionate; she even helped me overcome my shyness and begin singing in public, something I could never even consider before. I can’t recommend her highly enough.