I Sing the Body Electric!


Decide that you want to sing, and better, without hurting yourself, and freely!


Make a list of where you might sing, for whom, and for what occasion. Give yourself a few reasons to dive into your voice!


Phone for a consultation with Feef, who will ask you questions to help you sharpen your goals and resolve. Don't be afraid. It's FREE!


Set your session dates. Be prepared to commit for at least one month, and negotiate your times and fees. You can now even purchase online.


Come to your first session with songs you would like to sing, lyric and chord sheets, and recordings of the songs, if you have them. At this point, if you are interested in the "Freeing the Natural Voice" course, you will sign a waiver, and wear clothes that you can stretch and move in. We will find your range, and build a plan!


The plan will include voice exercises, use of vocal linguistics to build ability to project, yoga for relaxation, and recording to listen and learn. Opportunities for performance may exist if you decide you would like to continue!