Writing Lyrics

This is a song I wrote for a friend I met who lived in an assisted living facility.The song became really important to record and share after she left us this last year. Writing is like that. I write so that I can remember, like a photographer, to hold an image in my mind.  


1) Gloria, you are my charm

Gloria, let’s go arm in arm

You, living through, old and new, 

As they used to do

And now, another world

Takes its turn

There’s too much to learn

Oh Gloria,

How much more of the candle can you burn?

2) Gloria, lights off, in bed

Gloria, television in your head

You, sleeping through, the cartoons

Of your former life

And now, another world

Pills and pain

Yet you rise again

Oh Gloria

How much more of this going can you game?


You in a restaurant

You in Manhattan 

Always flattered by the company 

Of men in satin ties

With alibis and Wall Street promises

Your perfume not discreet

On your feet

You’ve got Poetry to meet

You hadn’t planned

But his shoulder, his shoulder, his shoulder

Is where your head would like to land

3) Gloria, a hundred thousand steps

Gloria, the loves, the lines, tender regrets

You rerun it through, old and new

As you used to do

Until another world

Sucks you out

Of your sweet slipstream

Oh Gloria

How much more of this living can you dream? ( August 2016 Fjaere Nilssen, all rights reserved.)